A note left on "being tagged"...never occurred to me, as bragging....I would like to clarify... if it sounded that way...I was simply sharing~a visual for those who read my blog~

Glenda said...
You certainly never miss an opportunity to brag about what you have. Must be a certain sign of low self esteem

Izabella said...
Dear Miss Glenda...not an opportunity to brag....just in awe of how did I get here...a closet this big is ridiculous, material things you may take it as bragging, but in my heart it is overwhelming & aweing, it's just material things, I would give it away in a second to anyone who needed it... it's "just stuff"


reese said...

you weren;t bragging!

Bella Umbra said...

Well my precious - I think that it was quite rude of this person to say this to you. Please. Brag away.

Those of us who know you - know that you're not bragging and that's all that counts :D


A BIG P.S. You need to be on this website:
http://glitterandgrunge.com/ I'm on "grunge" and I think by tonight my link should be up!! The owner's name is Missy and she's a doll. And she makes dolls too....lol

Moonfaires World said...

Your art rocks...keep creating!
Lisa aka Moonfaires!

JoAnnA said...

Dear Glenda,
In my valuation, I would say you are very young, I sure hope so. For one to judge another's heart, it is sin. Even if you are along in years, it still would be sin. We can never judge another's heart, NEVER!!! If you had taken the time to get ot know dear Bella, you would know she has a heart of gold. Yes, God has blessed her with "things" but Bella is real, and Bella has feelings, and Bella has struggles, and Bella is a mommy to two little ones, Bella is a real human being, with real feelings. If you ever took the time to know her, you would know she struggles with things of the heart. Materials things are given, they are taken away, but they do not make a person. Trust me, I know. I live in an R.V...YES, FOR THREE YEARS now...we are building us a home, and yes, I'll have the luxuries one day again, but these things do not make up a person. You could judge me for living in a trailer, so be it. I am who I am and those who know me, know, that my trailer has NOTHING to do with me as a person. Living rich or poor, what matters is the character of a person, and trust me on this one, you attacked the sweetest person, a gal, a women, a mother, a dear blessed soul, my friend Bella. Please, please, I beg you, step back, take a deep breath, and grow, grow in this wonderful thing called life. You will be a richer person if you do, if you embrace all that is true, and what is praise worthy, not in things, but in people.

Sincerely from my heart I write,

vicci said...

Isabella...No need to defend yourself...this person is just jealous!!! I for one READ your blog EVERY DAY...and I consider you to be MOST generous!!! "bragging"...that is RIDICULOUS!!!!

Laura said...

I just wanted to write and say that I am shocked that people would write hurtful and untrue comments on someone else's blog. I would have felt so awful had that happened to me. I must write in support of you Izabella. I love coming here and looking at your breathtaking art! You seem like such a nice and genuine person! I bet if you lived in the same town as me, and if I asked you for an art lesson you would lovingly oblige!!!! Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

Lisa said...

Wow...I really like to think that women are supporting women out there. I can't believe anyone would post hurtful comments on someone's blog. I think it is brave for you to post your honest thoughts. Don't let this person's hurtful post bother you.

Gypsy said...

I believe you don't have to defend yourself. We cannot be understood and loved by all people. AND at least this person did not know you. Recently "a friend" I have known for 15 years ripped me about and I was left standing in shock and horror...by someone I THOUGHT loved me. I can take that better from strangers.

But to tell you, I think you are wonderful. I love your art and I love your blog! I feel so honored to have a piece of your art! I show it off all the time and I tell people that I believe your loving spirit is what makes that piece so special!!!

Hang in there...there is nothing wrong with what you have, you have a wonderful life, and sharing with us how you feel about that wonderful life is all about the journey! : ) Hugs! JoannA, I couldn't have said it any better than you!!!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.

Judy K said...

Bella..I love your Blog! You are soo talented! I will come back and look around your website more later. Now you have my curiosity! Izzy and I want to know what happened to your beautiful hair!! And..what do you plan to do with your locks? I'm sure something very creative! Thanks for looking at my Picturetrail.

Judy K