more pictures of David Blaine ~underwater

Here are some more photos of David in the water sphere..it is now day 3...a lil confused on what exactly he is doing....trying to beat the record of 9 minutes, is what I have heard...but is he actually going to be in the water for seven days!? Is he in & out of the water? Is he actually staying in, all day, all night?! I had nightmares last night, about trying to sleep under water, that is so freaky, I can't even stand closing my eyes in the shower for a second!

If he really is in the water...his hands & body would start to look like a shriveled up prune! What do you think? is he really in there... or is it a grand illusion!?

The final conclusion will be live on the 2 hour Monday night tv show~

Jen Chung has more of these pictures & info on her site at..... http://www.gothamist.com
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