Misty & Stephanie~

Me rubbing elbows with the famous!!!

Misty Mawn in the middle & Stephanie Rubiano on the left.....We all met for a fleeting moment at Artfest, with all the chaos going on at Artfests' Vendors Night, we didn't get to talk much, how truly inspired I am by these two ladies is beyond words~ I was so blessed to meet both of them, they are both so radiantly lovely and full of life~

Misty has a 9 page article in Cloth Paper Scissors this month, where she shares her secrets of her art. http://mistyeyedart.blogspot.com/

Stephanie's art can be seen front page of Somerset Magazine! Her beautiful butterfly art boxes are amazing! www.stephanierubiano.com

p.s. silly picture of me on the far right, I was so extremely tired as you can see ;)


Misty Mawn said...

YOU are SO sweet to have this on your blog! It was really nice meeting...looking forward to it again! xoxoxo

thank you!

Lynnette April Over The Moon said...

We need an Art & Soul retreat in Las Vegas. Thats the only way I could attend. Love your art & blog. If you get a minute check out my picturetrail http://www.picturetrail.com/aprilwearable1950 I will be in Vegas in a few weeks, staying at Bally's. I always go to the Sat indoor swap meet. Hugs Lynnette April.