Misty & Stephanie~

Me rubbing elbows with the famous!!!

Misty Mawn in the middle & Stephanie Rubiano on the left.....We all met for a fleeting moment at Artfest, with all the chaos going on at Artfests' Vendors Night, we didn't get to talk much, how truly inspired I am by these two ladies is beyond words~ I was so blessed to meet both of them, they are both so radiantly lovely and full of life~

Misty has a 9 page article in Cloth Paper Scissors this month, where she shares her secrets of her art. http://mistyeyedart.blogspot.com/

Stephanie's art can be seen front page of Somerset Magazine! Her beautiful butterfly art boxes are amazing! www.stephanierubiano.com

p.s. silly picture of me on the far right, I was so extremely tired as you can see ;)

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