Art Card "prints"

Love good mail days! I just received my package of new art card "prints" I just listed them on ebay & my etsy shop~

I love how the colors are so vibrant... the scanner picked up some glare & looks blurry, but in person it really isn't~

This lil fairy girl, is the one that Chel (founder of ZNE) used for advertising for zne, in the Legacy magazine..thanks soooo much Chel!!!! What a shock it was to see my art in print!!

ohhhh should I or shouldn't I....... give away the secret place to order these fine art cards.....hmmmmm.......ok! ;) here's the link, if you want high quality art card prints, of your atc's, here you go! Be sure to follow the directions carefully or you may end up with text over your image...I accidently did that with a huge order, they were all unusuable~

It is through my friend Jewels~ http://www.siteprint.com/store_index.aspx
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