My return from Artfest~

My return from Artfest is oh, so bittersweet....so many events that occurred, still have not been able to comprehend it all.

It was scary to be there alone, yet exhilerating in the sense of traveling alone for the first time~

My mind is jumbled with a million ideas, yet scared, to start~

Many unpleasant situations were awaiting me, in my emails, just waiting for my return from Artfest~ it has stunned & froze me. I just want to create new art, but life has taken me in another direction~ I will be waiting to unthaw~


nina said...

hang in there, izabella. i know it is tough "coming down" after artfest, especially if there are some snags in reality....
your artwork is lovely!
thanks for visiting my blog - x

HeartMatters said...

Dear Izzy,
I'm so sorry that your ArtFest Adventure was not all that you had hoped and planned for. Life does have a way of taking us in new directions and different turns. Just know that even though it is not how you would like for things to be 'right now', that all is working as it should and that in the long run this is part of a plan much bigger than you or I... * Hug
Take Care My Friend, Be kind to yourself.. The sun will rise again tommorow.~ Kimmy