2005 Artist Choice Awards!

Wow! I can't believe I actually did win! I won 3rd place in 2 categories! I am still in shock....among all those entries & hundreds of amazing artists' I actually won! This is such a huge, phenominal event for me, I am so honored!!!

~Inspirational (small format) 3rd place
~Best Craftsmanship 3rd place

Check out the Awards page with all the artists' you will be lost in art for hours!


tiambailey said...

Way to go, girl!!!
Best wishes,

Fidget said...

Congrats! You work is tremedously good
so this doesnt surprise me one bit!!

ps I just started opsting pictures of my latest altered book. I'm posting 2 layouts a day ove rthe next few days, come take a look and tell me what you think! I can always use advice from someone so well versed

Oliviah said...

Congratulations, by golly, you sure do deserve it! Great blog! Gonna be putting a link to your blog on mine in the very near future. I never get tired of looking at your blog.

Hanne Heaven & Earth said...

Congratulations! It´s a wonderfull feeling - when your work is noticed and worshipped by fellow artists and craftmen.

Jerine said...