ebay auction ~ 4 X 4 Artist Collaboration ~ Proceeds to Rupert's Kid's

I am so excited to announce this auction!!

Hosted by my friend Jewels who is originator of Altered Art Obsession (yahoo group) & Rita (discodog ebay) has put this auction together...an artist collaboration, this time I am in it!!! and I also suggested to donate to Ruperts Kids & they did!!!

Remember Rupert from the tv show Survivor?! He such an amazing person & is so dedicated to helping these kids, I hope the auction goes well !!

here is some info Rita wrote for the auction, the link to this ebay auction is at the bottom

xo ~Bella

p.s. this is my contribution of art (2 sided) along with 16 other artists~

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006
From: "Rita"
Subject: AAO COMM: another charity auction up for bid!!The breathtaking open-theme chunky book is now up for bid on ebay!

This time the proceeds will benefit Rupert's Kids-http://rupertskids.com

Rupert's Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to changing lives by empowering youth to discover their inner strengths, realize their own self worth and their value to society.

Rupert's Kids facilitates this process by providing mentoring and educational programming to youth through the rehabilitation of housing for low-income families. Through Rupert's Kids, we can realize the potential in every young person by building upon the Rupert Philosophy of Life: Life is Good. Be You. Give Back.

Their mission statement is: To empower youth to discover their inner strengths, realize their own self worth and their value to society.

Their goals are: Provide mentoring and educational programming to youth.Develop housing options for low-income families.Foster community partnership, which serve youth and families.Facilitate delivery of financial assistance and/or services to youth, low-income and homeless families in the areas of education, vocational training and job placement.Develop committed volunteers and donors to provide resources of time, money and property.

Just think- you can donate to this worth cause and end up with a gorgeous unique chunky book all at the same time!! :) This book contains artwork from 16 artists who chose to follow their individual muses for a completely unique and wonderful creation. Just check out the auction for some sample photos! Thank you!! Rita B

Here is the link to the ebay auction http://tinyurl.com/lxv4c

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