Theo Ellsworth~

I wanted to share a secret...Theo Ellsworths' zines. They are sweet lil' treasures, original, inspiring, brilliant & enchanting!

I received my package of zines the other day (8 of them!) & I can't stop picking them up & looking at them over again & again, always finding something new. Be prepared to stretch your imagination & giggle alot! Rated G (for giggle:)

He is a wonderfully creative artist & is on his way to great adventures! So before he is HUGELY famous...buying them soon, would be a grand idea, because they are at a great price right now! You can email him for packages & pricing....

Theo Ellsworth
Box 7543
Missoula, MT. 59807

theoellsworth@hotmail.com email~
www.artcapacity.com website under construction~

~"The King of Hearts"~

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