3 days of he@#

It's been 3 days of pure he#&....I tell you!! I have been having this awful heartburn, that goes into my back & into my ears....(getting older, is just not fun) So I figured, all the holiday coffee, chocolate, cookies, bad fattening food has taken it's toll on my lil' ol' self~ I decided I better knock off the coffee & start eating better....well, besides the splitting horendous headache I have had for 3 days, I can finally say today I finally feel a lil' better..Thank God!!!

The first day of quitting coffee (I drink decaf!) I went to the grocery store...how many people did I see in the store drinking Starbucks coffee, in their sweet lil' cups.... 5 people! I never see people drinking coffee at the grocery store! Then they decided to open a expresso machine in the deli area! So the smell was wafting throughout the whole store....it was pure TORTURE I tell you! Just to top it off, on the way home, driving next to 3 different people in their cars, sipping, yes, you guessed it... STARBUCKS! It's all a conspiracy! :)

So it is now day 3...and I feel as my head is clear & feeling a bit more energetic....I can't believe symptoms like this can occur from decaf coffee. Every morning is very difficult to not grind those lovely beans, and taste that yummy coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! I have substituted it for heating up apple cider....not quite the same! I will survive this~

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FreeThinker said...

Wow - your post has such great advice. I am quitting coffee and I hope to be as successful as you!