An inspiring note from Michael de Meng~

This is a note that goes with the post below, about the meaning behind his "art giveaway" ~ How inspiring!!!

I feel that it is important for artists to give back, because that'swhat we do...or should do. I've often felt that artists have to findways to make sure art is available to everyone interested, no mattereconomic status...this competition is one way I can level the playingfield.As an artist who is supported by my art, I'm sure I speak for myfellow artists: Support the arts. I say this not convince people tobuy my work (though that is always a bonus) but rather to point outthe importance of art in all or our lives. A step closer topreventing a grayer world. So I appeal to everyone to value art.Here's a few ways to do it.1. Make Art - one way to avoid the gray world syndrome is to make stuff.2. Go to, and support museums especially local ones. Museums areplaces for everyone to enjoy art - get involved and promote artistsand ideas you like.3. Invest in Art...not WalMart. I know that not everyone has a hugebank account, but set aside a certain amount each year to spend onoriginal art. Also, one of the best things is to own the art ofpeople you know and like. For an artist there is nothing moregratifying than making a piece for someone you care about. Also thereis nothing more gratifying than owning a piece of work created bysomeone you care about. My home is filled with art, not with my ownart, but with art made by artists who are dear friends.4. Teach your children the importance of Art. Tell them why the worldis a better place when art is valued. Teach them that appreciatingart is important but doing art is more important. Could you imagine aworld where art was a daily activity for everyone. Wouldn't the worldbe a more beautiful place.5. Talk about art. Your interests can rapidly spread to others.6. Be compassionate. Nothing moves the world into an artistic realmmore effectivly than love and empathy. Remember that art is whatconnects us to other people, the world, and beyond.Just a few things to think about.Michael deMeng

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