The broken vase~

So here is the small version of the story of why I haven't been writing lately~

Shopping at TJ Maxx
Pick up huge glass vase
It slips from my hands
Slices my right hand to pieces
In shock, blood everywhere on white floor
Pass out almost, sit down on floor
Manager sees me, freaks out
Helps me to the back room
Leaving a blood trail
My 2 boys slipping in it, behind me
Manager wraps it up
She has to take a report
I am freaking out, sobbing & crying
In pain
She lets us leave
My 8 year old helping me outside to the truck
I can't put 3 yr old in car seat, my hand is killing me
I am in hysterics, I have to get to the hospital
I cry for help, this young gangbanger comes to my rescue
He puts him in the car seat
I hug him, leaving blood on his nice clothes
I drive away
To the neighbors, I drop off kids
In pain
I reach the emergency, sobbing, a huge line of people
They tell me, one doctor, 4 hour wait
I leave sobbing and in pain
Drive to the next one.....2 hour wait!
omg! drive to drugstore
buy $100 worth of medical stuff
go home
unwrap my hand...huge gashes everywhere
Almost pass out, blood explodes, so gross
Consider driving back to emergency or calling 911
I clean it, PAIN!
A package of butterfly bandages and wrapped up nicely
Still in pain
Get the kids next door, take some sleeping pills
Life is hell for the next 12 days! You can only imagine
Much better now, but hand numb & tingly
Frankenstein hand, is what my oldest says~

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