ZNE Theme Week ~Autumn Colors~

~Rust~ is my theme color, although the scan didn't pick up the whole word on her chest, it looks like "US", but the whole word "RUST" is visible in person. The foundation is a 4 X 4 tile. The papers have been ripped , collaged, splattered with walnut ink, watercolored & stamped and sealed with diamond glaze...I love the look of this piece.

It is scheduled to be listed for this Sunday night, around 6:30.

ZNE is a mixed media group formed from ebay artists', in which I am a proud member and has now branched off to the world wide web, for other artists to join... thanks to Chelise Hery, the founder of ZNE short for Varizione. www.zneart.com

Velvet Rooms ebay store~ www.velvet-rooms.com

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Chas Ravndal said...

I love the blogs design. Fantastic