Once upon a time...I met an arrogant jerk~

The scene...a crowded room......I don't know a soul at this party.....this handsome man comes over to talk....so I thought....

Hello I am _____ My family owns _____! (I am thinking ok, what of it, who cares if your family owns ____company)

Hi...I'm Izabella.

The jerk speaks...."My wife just had a baby, that's why she is so fat." pointing to a beautiful lady, sitting alone.

I reply..."she looks great for just having a baby. (thinking to myself... she looks like a super model & must weigh all of 110 pounds)

The jerk says "She used to look better, before babies, she used to be thin like you. (as he is looking me up & down)

If my family didn't own____I would leave her, I hate being married! It would be in all the papers & mags, they would have a hayday with me...I guess I am stuck with her.

I am thinking this guy is the most arrogant man, I have ever meet. Just thecold heartless look in his empty eyes & his actions he displayed sickened me. I started to reply to his last comment...as I am in mid sentence, he gives me this strange look,doesn't say a word, gets up and walks away, never to return to our conversation the rest of the night.

Is this guy for real....are there really people so arrogant & yucky.....he reminded me of that guy on the show Survivor...remember the jerk Johnny Fairplay!? he acted worse than him.

3 days later and I am still thinking, what the heck was that all about~

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