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4 more days to go and my altered book on ebay, is sitting at $60.02 and 225 people have looked at it....and a ton of watchers...who are the watchers?! I wish I could see who they are....It used to be the more watchers, then there would be a bidding war in the end minutes...that is the exciting part about ebay, I guess you could say I am an ebay/art addict~

Last night I received a note from a watcher/potential buyer that they found me, by my book being on the ebay pulse page....the heck if I could find it ~ but my friend Lani who is ebay savvy, found it no problem. I am not exactly sure why it is on the ebay pulse page, they say it's because so many people are watching it? or so many people have looked at it, so it makes it on the ebay pulse page for being the top watched?! Not sure, but excited that is there...here's the link to that page http://tinyurl.com/79cw5

I don't think $60.00 is going to pay my trip to Artfest :) I guess I better get busy & make some more art...4 more months until artfest!

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