Keith Lo Bue art piece~

I have been wanting to show this off. Here is a piece of art I bought from Keith Lo Bue, if you haven't seen his work, it is a must...it is amazing how he puts together found objects, he is definately a gifted artist.

He is the one who inspired me to do art. I found an article in a magazine almost a year ago & I have been hooked on creating art ever since, although I haven't done assemblege/jewerly like his but hope to someday soon. Maybe I will get lucky one of these days to take one of his sought after workshops, they fill up so fast...which I missed out on Artfest this year...boohoo, well I can always try again next year~

Keith did mention about this piece, it is his very first feminine piece~

The Voice
Made with 19th century bezel pin, victorian glass, peacock feathers, seashells, steel engravings, paper and text.

This pic does not do it justice...in person it is stunning...I am so afraid to wear it, for fear of losing it....I framed it~

Keith's website www.lobue-art.com


Fidget said...

wow! That is beautiful, the depth is amazing. I wanted to let you know I started listing a few artcards on eBay



we'll see how things go

Fidget said...

well crumbbum! Sorry my links didnt work. I didnt see an email addy but my eBay ID is fidgetblogs

Miladysa said...

I really like this - I shall pay a visit to his site :)