Ok, I thought the table story that happened yesterday was bizarre, well wait till you hear this one, this is right along with that one...just a "series of strange events" !!

The kids and I went down to the Fashion Show Mall on the strip, to go buy some of those Heely shoe skates for Z, after 2 hours of searching every store, we finally found them. We were starving by then, so I said why don't we hike up the street & go to the new Wynn Casino? We haven't been there yet & have been wanting to see all the whoha everyone has been talking about. The kids really wanted to walk over the bridges & check out the waterfalls & I figured we would eat over at one of the yummy resteraunts.

We finally get to the grand entrance & this old lady security grabs my arm & pulls me back a little & says "Hey! No strollers allowed!" as she is pointing to the sign. I just stood there looking at the sign, wondering...what the heck am I seeing, is this correct? Is this a joke? I have never heard of such a thing! This big lovely Italian guy snaps at the lady, overhearing her comment, he says "what is she supposed to do pack all her stuff & the kids on her back!?" He rolls his eyes at the lady & shrugs his shoulders at me & I am happy that someone else doesn't get it, either.

She tugs on my arm again & repeats what she said the first time....I said, "Get your hands off of me! And I need to have an explanation to why strollers are not allowed." Oh, she didn't like any talk back, she called in for more security & quite loudly I must say, where all the people standing around were staring at me & my kids, probably thinking what is she calling so loudly for security on this lil' family!

I asked again my question, she just would not answer me, it was like a bad movie, I think she was dumfounded by my beauty :) just kidding...but I still can't figure out why she couldn't give me an answer. So all the other reinforcements arrived, & proceeded to tell us we needed to leave, NO STOLLERS ALLOWED! My kids were scared to death, by all the commotion. I was waiting for the reality tv camera's to come out from behind the bushes, that's how bizarre it was....needless to say, Steve Wynn, DOES NOT WANT STOLLERS IN HIS CASINO! they said it loud & clear.....I think I will forward this to him & see what he thinks about his castopo security at the front entrance....

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Nanno said...

What a truly bizarre experience you had. I have two kids, 5 and 2, and I would have felt the same as you.

Your cards are absolutely beautiful by the way!

And, great photos of Johnny Depp!