Looky what I found~

Look what I found today!? Celebrity bloggers! And one of my favorites actors....mmmmmm yummy Bruce Willis...he has his own blog. www.brucewillis.com

He has some interesting writings. I love how he gives freely, the opportunity to read his musings. That says alot about a person, especially celebrity statis....down to earth~

Here's something amusing.....when Die Hard first came out....I swear I was going to marry that man!

well..... I still think he is the true image of the "manliest, roughest, toughest, man" but I did lose my crush when he married the lovely Demi. My starry eye daydreams were dashed, and reality slapped me in the face..."What the heck was I thinking!?"


. said...

Nice Blog layout (here via Blogexplosion) I'll check out Bruce's blog too

ticklebug said...

I just want to compliment you on your layout. It rocks!