New art cards~

Yesterday I accidently put caffeinated coffee in my coffee press, I was so tired I didn't even notice, until the jolt of caffeine hit me. I usually only drink decaf, so it was very shocking!

I was buzzing around cleaning my house & decided to use that extra jitteryness (is that even a word?) to create some new art cards. I love the look of this art card, so I made 3 more similar ones, they turned out to my satisfaction, which is unusual, as I am never quite satisfied with my art cards. So now, I have some new art to put on ebay when I reopen the store....I think I will make that a goal, to create 20 of them to list, when I reopen the store by the end of August or beginning of September.

(This is one of my favorite art cards, that I made...I can't remember who won it for auction~)

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