My aching body!

Oh...I can hardly move today. Every muscle in my body aches. The kids & I walked from Tropicana all the way to the Venetian last night & walked 2 malls. Didn't get home until 1 in the morning. What fun we had!

Visited the Titanic exhibition...totally priceless!! I was in tears at moments throughout the walking tour. There was over 300 artifacts, personal & other pieces of the boat on display. We were in there for 2 hours. The personal items were amazingly & painstakingly preserved....money, personal papers, diaries, jewerly, brushes, combs, clothes, wallets, shoes, glasses...the list goes on. It was very touching to see personal articles of people who were lost on that tragic night. At the beginning of your tour they give you a boarding pass, of a passengers' name & info on it & at the end of the tour, there is this huge board of all the passengers names & you can check to see if your boarding pass name was a survivor or lost at sea. Out of the 3 names we had, one boy had died he was only 20. Mr Paul Edvin Andreasson from Sweden. 3rd class passenger. He was traveling to Chicago, Illinois to be with his brother Ernst. In Sweden he had trained for 7 years to become a blacksmith (he started when he was 13!?) Presumbly he planned to look for work as a smith in Chicago. Paul was one of the 108 Swedes on Titanic, almost all of whom traveled in 3rd class.

I bought over $100.00 worth of souvenirs, that's how great the exhibition is...I never buy crap like that. A diary of a young girl on board & a book on every artifact saved from the Titanic, a copy of a menu, a copy of a stock certificate & some other lil' goodies for the kids. Can't wait to read the books...so off I go...
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