I hate my hair!!!

You would think after living on this earth so many years, I could have found at least one hairstylist that could fix my hair correctly!!!! I am so SICK of my hair!! It is now dark dark brown almost black, because my guy picked out the wrong color...I could have cried, but I held back my tears. My hair is past my shoulders & naturally wavy, but in this dry desert air, it feels like brittle top ramen noodles...and I have tried every expensive conditioner...I could find! I hate my hair I am so sick of it...I don't know how people have such shiny beautiful hair!!! ????

Ok, that's it...today I am going to write to that famous guy, what's his name? Jose Eber? and I will email him everyday until I get an answer. I need some serious hair help!

(I sold this art card to a lady in the Netherlands, it is made with synthetic hair, I love this card & I love her hair!!!)
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