Sandra & Jessie got married!?!?

What the heck is that all about!? Sandra Bullock & Jessie James...what an odd couple that is, can't say I believe they will last....sorry to say, but it is so weird I just had to comment, not that anyone ever reads my posts, just my personal thought on that situation. Although I adore both of them & their talents...will be interesting to see what happens.

I am extremely tired today, stayed up till 2:30 in the morning. I can't remember the last time I did that, many many years ago! We went shopping at Ceasars, oh my gosh, I wanted to shop all night, talk about sheltered these days, I really need to get out more! My friend Becky has been wanting me to see this store called Anthropologie, oh my...was I in vintage heaven...clothes, and home decor, books, candles, jewerly. I wanted to just go lay in one of the beds & spend the night & inhale the lovely smells of the perfume & candles, and read one of their dreamy books under the crystal chandeliers. I bought some kool books, and some dreamy pj's. All night I could smell the luscious perfume & candles still in the material....mmmmm. I think I will go back tommorrow & buy more goodies, had my eye on this ornate mirror & some goodies for the guest room.

Our company took off this morning for a trip to the Grand Canyon, will be back tommorrow, so my day consists of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! And we have people coming to look at the house at 4:00, did I mention we have the house up for sale? Well, that's another story.

So I am off and running, I think I'll make some coffee first....oh my gosh...I can't believe it's 11:47! I am still in my lovely new pj's....

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catherine james said...

Maybe your earlier entries weren't receiving comments because there's not a lot of you in them. Just from a readers' perspective, I like to know a little something about the diarist: passions, tastes, history, interests, etc. I've only just started reading your journal so I don't know how you've progressed. Am very interested in your artwork though and you have an exquisite layout. :)