Dear Crissy art card~

I am so in love with this art card...it is so amazingly eerie, intriguing & haunting. I have been outbid 10 times! and it is up to $80.51! I think I'll swoop in the end...I don't care how much I pay! It is her first art card! Puts mine to shame~

Went to go check out her info...
~dearcrissy (ebay id)

Love this artist...my friend Lani (healingexpressions) forwarded me her art card...I felt bad because she was bidding on it too, but so glad she showed me.


still life said...

Oh my gosh...you're an eBay shark like me.
I go in within the last minute and claim my prize!

Izabella said...

Ebay shark....eeeewww I like that!!xo